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14K Gold Hook on Navy Rope

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Black Onyx Stone with Buddha Bracelet

Onyx is believed to bring rejuvenation when feeling depleted of energy. A powerful gemstone to use in difficult or confusing times of our lives as it grounds us, keeping us focused and on task. It is also known to bring happiness, and heighten one's intuition and instinct. A great aid for letting go or releasing past attachments to people, places, things, bad habits and even addictions. Sometimes known as the sobriety stone, use it in conjunction with amethyst for even greater assistance on your path to recovery. Onyx will help you gain emotional balance, strength, and self-control. It's very powerful when you need help moving through a lesson or task. Onyx brings change into our lives by helping us to realize and see patterns or old beliefs that no longer serve us and provides us with the strength to change them. Relationships Because of its power of assisting in letting go it is wonderful to have around if going through a break-up or divorce. It is also great for keeping negative people away from you and out of your life. However, because it can decrease sexual energies, it is not a good idea for a couple to have a lot of onyx present in their home—especially in the bedroom. Career Onyx is great for anyone who needs a boost in their self-confidence; wear it or keep one in your pocket for an interview, presentation or when asking for a raise. Its strength giving energy is wonderful for athletes or individuals whose work puts them under extreme mental or emotional stress such as doctors, nurses or EMTs. Perfect for entrepreneurs and inventors because of its blocking of negativity from others. Healing Helpful for the treatment and healing of teeth, bones, blood disorders, feet, and epilepsy. Wearing Onyx or laying it directly on the body is good practice, especially since its power develops over time. Water charged with Onyx is known to be wonderful for healing infected wounds and skin ailments, fungal infections, sunburns, inflammation, and rashes. Pat the Onyx water directly onto the skin periodically throughout the day, cover the infected area with an Onyx water compress at night. Metaphysical A powerful stone to use in protection rituals and for banishing negativity or people from your life. Also a stone to be used for psychic workings as it carries the energies of the possessor; often used as a scrying stone. let
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14K Orange Leather with Gold Hook Bracelet

Orange Leather with Gold Hook Bracelet
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14K White Leather with Rose Gold Hook

White Leather with Rose Gold Hook
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Matt Black Half Nail

Matt Black Half Nail
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Valentine’s Day

  • Silk Knitted Bow tie
  • Midnight Black Microfiber Lapel pin
  • Red Lapel Pin
  • Pocket Square
  • Mustache Cuff-links
  • Collar Stays
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